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About us
Business terms
Parent plant in swabian Bempflingen
Our history
Gebr. Elmer & Zweifel weaving mill was founded in 1855. The company has been owned by its founding families Friedrich and Heinrich Elmer for six generations. The parent plant in swabian Bempflingen was expanded by a modern production plant in the Czech Republic near Náchod.
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The ecological aspect
Ecology plays an important role in our company. Therefore, raw materials and finished products are carefully selected and controlled respectively.
The yarns used in our weaving mill are nearly all made of natural fibre supplied by us. This high vertical integration allows quality assurance all through the manufacturing process from the fibre to the finished product.
In co-operation with our experienced partners throughout Europe we ensure fabric finished according to customer requirements and the manufacture of quality ready-to-use articles.
We offer open end yarn in counts from Nm24 to Nm68 or process them into fabrics with widths ranging from 60 to 410 cm. Grey fabrics are available in rolls of up to 10,000 m without seams or in pallets.
Our manufacturing programme is made up of five product groups.
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We manufacture upon order, but are nevertheless able to supply a wide range of fabrics from stock without delays. Our flexibility and promtness has increased with the new plant in the Czech Republic. With these optimal conditions we can promptly respond to customers' requests.