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  Textiles and products used for nursing care

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After many years of experience, we have gained specialised know-how fabrics used for medicinal purposes. This has led to intensive research and development of products for hospitals, rest homes and baby care, placing a special emphasis on reusable natural materials.

Our newly developed threelayer 100% pure cotton liner for people who suffer from incontinence, OP patients, and small children is an excellent product which combines high absorbency with comfortability and skin tolerance. Our textile products used for nursing care are listed in a number of well-known catalogues and branch organisations.

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Some examples of our finished products can be found in the box...

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Textile products Nursing care
  • Nappies: An assortment of traditional, washable nappies: double gaze type M and L as well as twilled and flannel.
  • Wash Wipes: Extremely soft for babies' sensitive skin.
  • Raised Woven Fabric for Bed Pads and Mattress Covers: Absorbent pads made from a double layer of raised woven fabric and an internal PU moisture protection layer.
  • Three-Layer Incontinence Pads: Washable, absorbent, universal liner made out of pure cotton.
  • Bed Linens for Nursing Care: Covers and sheets in European norms TB21, TB22, TB24, TB25.