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  Textiles and products for house and home

Product groups

This line includes a complete assortment of flat woven fabrics for house and hotel use. By designing the different products, we avoid shortlived trends. We use timeless materials, ready-made sizes, colours and patterns.

Further, it is of utmost importance that we minimize the use of chemicals in production.

In addition to our ready-made line, we deliver natural or finished cover fabrics for futons and mattress ticking made of cotton or linen blends which can be taken directly into the production line of our customers. We also produce plain materials as background for bed linens and decoration purposes.

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Some examples of our finished products can be found in the box...

As an expansion of this programme we offer also textile products made of 100% ecologically clean cotton under our trademark Cotonea.
[Click to follow the link] www.cotonea.com

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Textile products House & Home
  • Household Towels: Made from absorbent double gauze.
  • Bed Covers and Sheets: Complete bed linen assortments made from classic fabrics.
  • Bath Towels: Various sizes and designs.
  • Kitchen Towels: Made of cotton, linen or linen blends.
  • Table Linens: Table cloths and napkins with classic patterns, and table protection cloths made of raised woven fabric.