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  Textiles and products for medicinal applications

Product groups

For decades, we have spezialised on fabrics to supply gauze manufacturers. We supply millions of square meters of surgical gauze to European bandage industry each year. From this material, compresses, swabs and plasters of Paris are produced.

Together with a number of renowned medical technology firms, we have developed special products which meet international medical standards for OP purposes.

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The fabrics can, for example, be used for the fabrication of the products indicated in the box on the right...

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Medicinal applications
  • Yarn for Tubular Bandage Knits: Soft yarn with dermal tolerance.
  • Plaster of Paris, Reinforcement Gauze: Spezial gauze for casts.
  • Gauze for Compresses and Swabs: Loose, absorbent gauze material.
  • Absorption Cloth Fabrics and Finished Absorption Cloths for OP Purposes: Can be reused several times.
  • Reinforcement Fabric for Plasters: Strong fabric for the production of medical tapes and plasters.