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  Textiles and products for agriculture and vegetable-growing

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In the field of vegetable-growing, there are many aids which are useful but are difficult to dispose of after use.

We provide cotton twine to be used in greenhouses and vineyards, with the intention that the material can be composted together with the plant waste. Early harvest and cultivation protection nets made of cotton are a new, important product for biological vegetable-growing, most specifically for lettuce growing.

Our strong cotton fabrics are perfectly suited for the production of compostable packaging and transport sacks, which represent a highly ecological alternative to plastic packaging.

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Some examples of our finished products can be found in the box...

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Textile products Agriculture and vegetable-growing
  • Cotton Twine: Compostable, reliable cords in various thicknesses.
  • Nets for Climber Plants: Made of compostable cotton twine.
  • Vine Protection Nets: Made of compostable cotton twine.
  • Cotonea Covering Gauze: Early harvest and cultivation protection nets to protect vegetables.
  • Vegetable Sacks: Compostable packaging sacks made of pure cotton.
  • Carrier Bags: Out of cotton with cardboard reinforced handles.