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  Textiles and products for industrial applications

Product groups

Our advantage in this field lies in our use of natural materials for all technical applications which, due to technical and disposal requirements, can best be implemented by using such materials.

In this sector we primarily manufacture support and reinforcing fabrics in standard widths.

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The fabrics can, for example, be used for the fabrication of the products indicated in the box on the right...

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Industrial applications
  • Quilt Gauze: For quilts and to stabilize the surface of nonwovens.
  • Fabric for Polishing Cloths: Varnish-compatible fabric to treat sensitive surfaces.
  • Fabric for Laminating Paper: To strenghten paper and wallpaper.
  • Thermal Gauze: To aid in the mechanised production of valuable needlepoints and embroideries.
  • Book-Binding Material: Hinge and reinforcement gauze, bookbinding covers.
  • Fabric for the Production of Filters
  • Reinforcing Fabric for Adhesive Tape: Strong fabric provides the basis for strong adhesive tapes.
  • Reinforcing Fabrics for Abrasives: Even and faultless fabrics to be coated with abrasive materials.